The Great Southeast Music Hall
Lindbergh Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia

photo courtesy of s76fitz

Johnny Rotten swigs his beer.
Alex booked the talent for the Great Southeast Music Hall and the room catered to Atlanta's burgeoning punk scene, as well as audiences for cult acts, touring legends and smaller rock outfits.The club gained international notoriety when he booked the first U.S. appearance of The Sex Pistols.

"I sat backstage with the guys and they really didn't know what was going on. No one did. Every major news organization was there, and I mean ABC, NBC, CBS, Hearst, Gannett, every one of them. So we had to deal with all of that...and the guys just didn't know what to think," says Cooley.

Cooley also remembers the night a young Steve Martin cracked up an audience of about 20 people. After the show Alex recalls Steve Martin inviting everyone to coffee at the Waffle House. "I've had at least three hundred people tell me they were there" he laughs.
photo courtesy of s76fitz
"What'ya lookin' at?"
he taunts the crowd. "We're all ugly and we know it."
photo courtesy of s76fitz
Sid Vicious sneers for the crowd.
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Southeast Music Hall
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