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What is the value of live music? It's in the connections. Instant connections among fans and artists. Live music naturally promotes community, culture, discovery, fun, family and adventure. Alex Cooley has these goals in mind, and has a user friendly approach. For years, performers and audiences have trusted him to deliver quality entertainment, lasting memories and life-enhancing events.

The digital revolution offers exciting possibilties in the live music industry. There are new ways to enhance audience experience, to help artists reach more fans, and for fans to take the experience home. This site is dedicated to the live music experience: to live music events, to inviting spaces and to bringing people together for the enjoyment of life. For starters, every week we'll publish a new live music photo. If you'd like to share yours, submit them below.

photo courtesy of Rick Diamond/WireImage.com
Foo Fighters at The Music Midtown Festival.

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